After Party Cleaning Service

After Party Cleaning Service

Do you have a big party or celebration coming up at work or home? WE CAN HELP! Dangelvi Cleaning Services offers After Party Cleaning Services for the home and office. Don’t spend hours of trying to get your place back in order, we will get your home or office back in “Pristine” condition so you can spend time doing other things.

Take the stress out of cleaning after the party with a professional Dangelvi crew. Use our after party cleaning services for your next party! Whether it's a soccer Sunday, a meeting with friends, a special holiday event, or the happiest day of your life, you can rely on the standard housekeeping services offered by DanGelvi Cleaning services to take care of your party cleanup needs.

Post party clean up will make sure:

  • your kitchen is spotless
  • all dishes and glassware will be washed and put away
  • lampshades will be replaced to the proper lamps
  • bathrooms will be tidied up
  • furniture back in order
  • floors cleaned
  • your home or event location will be cleaned, polished and put back in order
  • trash will be emptied and removed to proper containers
  • We can even have muscle on hand to break down tables and chairs and have everything in order for the return of any rented tables, chairs or linen!

We want you to have a great successful event we and are here to help! Our DanGelvi crew is on hand to answer any questions you may have and know that you are important to Standard Cleaning Services. Your satisfaction is our goal and pleasure! So, for your next holiday special event or gathering of a few special friends or family we are just a phone call away!

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