Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance

Dangelvi Cleaning Services is a professional service we proudly offer in New York and New Jersey. Dependability (including corrective maintenance), professional workers and versatile expertise set our service apart from the rest. From high cleaning to parking maintenance, look no further.

What should you expect from Dangelvi Cleaning Services?

Continuous protective care of contents and your interior and exterior
Planned, deep cleaning – including high cleaning
Corrective maintenance.

Why a Dangelvi Cleaning Services plan is in your best interest

You benefit from developing a maintenance plan to protect the value of your commercial asset. The results can be continually monitored, modified and improved. The standards of your business are maintained for customers, visitors and employees.

Regular care saves long term money. If a building is neglected, avoidable damage occurs, which is expensive to repair. Neglect can cause safety and fire hazards requiring costly liability.

High cleaning is part of Dangelvi Cleaning Services:

Lighting: You could also consider this “deep cleaning”, except it is directed upward not down. For instance, light fixtures accumulate dust, dead insects and cobwebs. All the carpet vacuuming and desk dusting in the world cannot erase the bad image dirty light fixtures – especially in the drop ceilings so common in office areas.

Air duct cleaning insures you have superior, safe “indoor air quality”. Environmental experts say indoor air is one of the top five environmental dangers. Pollen, dust, mold spores, fungi spores, tobacco smoke and dust mites contaminate indoor air. Indoor air quality can open businesses to workman’s compensation claims and other employee issues.

Dangelvi Cleaning Services preserves the exterior as well

  • We have been power washing experts for a decade. Building exteriors, windows and gutters clean exceptionally well with pressure washing.
  • Sidewalks and parking areas also need regular cleaning to maintain the image of your building.
  • When it’s time to re-stripe or paint pavement markings (such as disabled parking requirements), its part of the expertise offered to you.
  • Commercial painting is an affordable investment to refresh your image. Your clients and customers form a first impression as they walk up to your door. If you are repainting, your need minimized disruption with maximized attention to cost containment.

Additional Dangelvi Cleaning Services advantages

Power sweeping of parking areas and sidewalks eliminates trash that collects so quickly. Using motorized machinery, it’s a cost-effective part of your maintenance plan.
Snow removal: In New York and New Jersey retail and business clients can contract for plowing as soon as possible to maintain business as usual – in spite of the elements.


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