Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

You are reading correctly. We even do post construction cleaning in New York & New Jersey here at Dangelvi Cleaning Services. We really mean it when we say that we boast the most complete list of commercial cleaning services. This is no more evident than in our post construction cleaning service. We will provide you with on-site cleaning services for any type of construction project in New York City & New Jersey.

Most contracting companies hire us for post construction cleaning because they want to make sure they make their deadline. When an impending project deadline is just a few days away, you can call on us to make sure your site will be presentable to your clients. Our cleanup services will impress not only you but your customers as well, because we make sure that we leave the job site in a much better condition than how we found it.

We are capable of heavy-duty, post construction cleaning services. We can load and haul away massive chunks of concrete, tiling, stone, earth, steel, lumber, and more. We have the vehicles necessary to carry away all waste material produced by your project, no matter how heavy or bulky. You can even call us in the middle of a job to rid the site of clutter that is hindering the performance of your crew. We are your allies in getting your project done on time.

Furthermore, we are a responsible post construction cleaning service. We do not simply throw all waste material in the dump. We make sure to recycle all recyclable materials and to properly dispose of what cannot be recycled.

We clean for the following!

• Office Cleaning
• Post Construction
• Commercial
• Medical Facilities
• Residential Post Construction
• Daycare Centers
• Industrial
• Move in/Move out
• Outdoors
• After Party Events
• Residential Units
• Property Management

As you can see, our commercial cleaning services extend well beyond the office. We have the heavy-duty cleaning services you need. You can even work with us when you need construction cleaning services.




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